Thursday, 18 November 2010

20 Seconds of Fame!

Fifteen minutes into exploring the place, Balitang Amianan's writer approached us and asked for an interview. By the way it's a Central and North Luzon news show, which can be viewed obviously within the same region - even without a cable TV connection.

Writer jotting down our names.

I declined the interview at first and told him my hubby would do it instead. After all, he's the foreign tourist. But since we were the only visitors at the time, I finally said yes when the writer talked me into it. I was supposed give just a two-line answer anyway.

Hubby wondered when it would be televised. I had a hunch it should happen soon because it was for a lifestyle feature of a news show. Production crew of news shows shoot/edit/submit their work swiftly.

So this evening, for the first time, I tuned in Balitang Amianan... Lo and behold, we were able to catch the segment! It was Luna's first (hopefully not the last) television appearance. Hubby's too actually (not mine though because I was a co-host of a defunct variety show - that's another story to tell one day).

Behind us are the comfort rooms, where the featured signages are.

It wasn't as bad as I remembered. My key answers were "unconventional" and "artsy", which I'm happy about. I didn't have make up on but it totally didn't matter because the shot was overexposed. We just did one take each. Thank goodness I was sane despite the nervousness to give a decent comment (pardon me for not having a photo of the signs, they're actually the male and female genitalia carved on wood).

An aunt of mine and her son from Pangasinan were able to watch it. They called me and recounted what happened in their house while the show was on. Cousin frying bangus for dinner, saw us on the telly... panicked and called his mom. They were all shouting and laughing while watching, they never heard what we said and didn't know what the interview was all about. I giggled as my aunt told me this.

Also, an FB contact posted on my wall saying he saw it too. Can't remember who he was and how he ended up on my list of friends until I checked his profile. He's a fellow travel blogger and I just found out he's from Baguio too (if you are reading this, I'm sorry... can we be real friends?).

So there. Our 20 seconds of fame. Sadly, we were not able to record/take a video of the show because we were oh so ecstatic and were not oh so thinking straight. At least we got a few photos to show Luna in the future while we tell her about it.

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