Wednesday, 8 December 2010

A Graduate From Newbornhood

Today, our baby daughter Luna is officially an infant! For non-parents, a "newborn" pertains to little earthlings aged 0 to 3 months. After that stage he or she becomes an infant, then a toddler.

Luna's graduation gift, her first pair of shoes! Which she'll outgrow in uhm, the next 24 hours.

I actually learned about this recently. Before giving birth, I just referred to them all as babies. A baby/child's development isn't really something single people read for entertainment, right? And even when I was pregnant, I never bothered researching on this kind of stuff. I was more engrossed with perusing articles discussing the horror of delivery and postpartum depression.

Three months into motherhood, I could say I've already gotten the hang of handling Luna. Thanks to the wonders of Googling, I can somehow read what her behavior's telling me and how I could respond to it without calling my mum who lives four hours away.

Also, I can pinpoint the signs of her development to infanthood: She squeals when excited, can raise her head higher (more steadily) during tummy time, can roll to her side, can bear weight on her legs when held upright, and she turns her head towards us when she hears our voices and makes eye contact!

She's definitely growing at the right pace! And although she's recovering from a cold, the rest of her is normal and healthy. To celebrate her 3rd month, we went to Star Cafe for lunch just because we were craving for Chinese food, then we headed to Oh My Gulay for photo taking dessert. Both located along Session Road.

Luna with daddy in front of Oh My Gulay's center art piece, which actually houses the toilets.

Luna: "Mum, look at the camera."

Went home early afternoon to avoid Saturday Night Market traffic jam.

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