Saturday, 8 January 2011

Funky Feet: Not-Quite-Shoes

So... Weather forecast indicates that the temperature here in Baguio might hit once again its all time low at 6°C by mid-February. Hubby and I are worried for the little one - especially after watching news reports about infants and toddlers brought to hospitals because of flu and pneumonia.

Luna in Candy Janes' Blue Stars in Tam-Awan Village.

And what are we doing to help protect her from being sick? Well, aside from not taking her out too often, we make sure she's warmly bundled all the time. She always wears a jacket, pants and socks.... fashionable socks! Funky Feet socks!

Can't remember how I came across this brand on Multiply, but I'm sure glad I did. When my sister asked what present should she buy for Luna's baptism, I requested her to order online a Funky Feet Candy Janes set!

On her first roadtrip to Baguio, she wore this pair, Candy Janes' Pink Hearts (still very loose when she was 5 weeks old).

This particular set turned out to be the perfect choice for its socks are long, appropriate for the cold climate.

Candy Janes' Dotty-dots. Luna by the beach in La Union, but all dressed up because we were about to head back to Baguio.

Price may be a bit steep for me some, P500 for a "Mix & Match set" of 5 pairs and P320 for a box of 3 pairs - but hey, you're paying for good quality and fun fashion! I say they're worth the dough.

Check out Funky Feet's other adorable designs here:



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