Monday, 25 April 2011

Bliss Cafe, Baguio

A whiff of calming incense smoke greeted us by the door. World music faintly being played teleported me back to India, where we came from the previous week.

We just entered Bliss Cafe. A refuge from the insane crowd of Panagbenga Festival goers. My eyes instantaneously adjusted to the soft lighting, and swept the not-so-small artsy nook.

The merry, multihued shelves complimented the interesting trinkets from varied countries on display, collected by the owners themselves.

Bliss Cafe exudes a spiritual personality, but not in an overwhelming way. Just enough to entice you to linger around and order that extra glass of lassi while you browse through their stack of books or space out and pseudo-meditate.

Or like our baby, stare at the groovy paintings.

I have actually read about this lacto-vegetarian resto from Lonely Planet. Since we moved to Baguio five months ago, I have always wanted to check it out. For some reason, I didn't have the opportunity to swing by this side of town (its location's somewhere we don't frequent in).

So earlier that day, after watching Panagbenga's Grand Float Parade, fellow blogger Joel and I agreed on having dinner there. We also invited a few Couchsurfers to join us. Joel reserved a table for six.

Happy hippies from left to right: Shanti, Jim carrying Luna, The Hippie Mum, and the hubby.

We were warmly welcomed by owners Jim and Shanti. They established Bliss Cafe in 2004 after Jim quit his corporate job and Shanti left teaching (they met at a yoga camp, how cool is that?!). I am Multiply friends them , it was funny when Jim asked "Are you the hobohippie?". That question led to an awesome conversation, with topics ranging from art to traveling to food.

And speaking of food, Shanti busied herself in the kitchen (she's the chef!) after we ordered our meals. So how are their munchies? We all enjoyed our appetizers, papadum (thin Indian flatbread, my fave!) and Haiku (their vegetarian chicharon). The hubby, a meat eater, loved his Curry "No Quack" Duck.

I ordered Sunrise from their all day brunch. A hearty meal of scrambled tofu, peppers, order of mantra (Shanti please explain), veggie sausage and toast. It comes with either coffee or tea. I liked my food but it was a mistake to request for lassi (Indian/Pakistani yogurt based drink), because coffee would be perfect with it. I felt like I was just about to start a long day.

One of us ordered pizza, Shanti uses chapati as the crust. Brilliant yumminess!

Everyone having a bliss time!

Bliss Cafe's got a menu that can leave you contemplating for a long time. They got Indian, Filipino, Mexican, even Korean. Pasta and burger too! I have not tried everything so I pass the gastro exploration to you guys... And kids, eat your veggies!

We had such Bliss-ful time, hope y'all experience it too.

The Hippie Mum's family is about to move out of Baguio, and as a farewell treat (we don't have local friends to party with, boo hoo!), we'll give away a P500 Bliss Cafe gift certificate! All you gotta do is "Like" The Hippie Mum and Bliss Cafe Baguio on Facebook. Then post this on The Hippie Mum's wall: My idea of a blissful time in Baguio is ___________ . It's that easy!

Winner will be chosen via, and we'll choose the number 8 because we're leaving our abode on April 8 (and because I don't expect the number of participants to reach 48!). Sigh. Deadline of entries is on April 13 and winner will be announced the next day. Good luck guys!

Bliss Cafe
2nd Level, Hotel Elizabeth
Gibraltar Road
Baguio City



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