Friday, 11 February 2011

Boarding Pass Wedding Invitation

I consider traveling as a lifestyle, not just as an escape. So does the hubby. And I made sure this was depicted during our wedding more than a year ago. We had an AVP about our trips when we were still steadies (there was also a video of greetings from our friends around the world), our wedding cake had a topper of a couple with backpacks, we set off sky lanterns (something that reminds us of Thailand where hubby realized I'm "the one") at the after party, and the invitations?

Boarding pass invitation cover

We ordered boarding pass and passport invitations from Printed Matter Express!

Believe it or not, the invitations were two of the biggest splurges (even my gown wasn't at all pricey) for our wedding. One boarding pass invitation was P90, plus there's a processing charge of P1,150. Minimum order's six pieces.

1st page

2nd page

3rd page

Initially, we only wanted to order the passport invites, but the perky attendant of their kiosk at Glorietta 3 showed us a sample of this - and so we ended up ordering both.

I submitted our wedding info via email. Their layout-ing takes 3 to 4 days, sometimes up to a week if they're uber busy. When it was done they asked us to come back and see the draft, and fill-out a form should there be revisions. Any revision after that, you'll be charged an additional P100. Production takes another week.

Were they worth the hefty price? Heck yeah! We love 'em so much, it was so difficult to give 'em away!

Passport invites to be featured next.



  1. Hi. Found your site online while looking for good wedding ideas. I think the boarding pass idea is cute!

    Also noticed that you are the type that likes to travel and save the environment! May I know to which environmental NGO you donated the cash you received?

    I ask because I'd like to show them an app that they might be interested in checking out. You might also find this app adorable:

    What do you think?


  2. I donated to WWF and Haribon. Got your email by the way :)


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