Friday, 11 February 2011

Skip Yowell Wrote "To Luna"!

A hippie, mountaineer, author, and one of the founders of JanSport... That's Skip Yowell, and he autographed Luna's JanSport bag!

A friend made it happen.

One of my climbing buddies, Christine, used to work for R.O.X. Philippines. They handled Skip's talk/tour in the Philippines, November last year. She invited me to their event.

We were about to move to Baguio then, I told her I couldn't make it. Instead, I requested for Skip's autograph and Christine assured me it's doable. Problem was, I didn't own any JanSport item.

And so, I asked her if she could also buy a genuine JanSport bag for me (a stress on 'genuine' cause we were laughing at the thought of asking for Skip's autograph on a knock off). I chose pink, assuming our baby Luna will like it when she turns into a toddler. After a series of Googling images, emailing, Globe G Cash-ing, and texting... She finally bought The One (and charged me at a discounted rate!). An eye sore popping merry combination of pink and orange.

As promised, the bag was autographed on the day of the event, and Skip even wrote "To Luna". I just received it about three weeks ago when Christine went to Baguio to catch a Besao-bound bus. Now we're using it as Luna's first travel backpack!

She also gave me this cute sticker.

JanSport started with a shoestring budget! Read about its humble beginnings, fun ads, and the cool, creative trio who established the company here.

Check out also Skip Yowell's site, written on the main page is this: As noted by Ed Viesturs, the first American to climb all fourteen 8,000 meter peaks, Author of No Shortcuts to the Top, "(Skip) stayed true to himself, maintained friendships, traveled the world and most importantly, preserved his passion for his job.... We can all learn something from Skip."




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