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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Puerto Galera Reggae Festival 2012

Hear ye rasta mums! Now here's a shindig for you.

The venue, Encenada Beach Resort. Photo by Melo of Out of Town Blog.

Don't miss this chance to watch some of your fave reggae acts perform while frolicking in the water, either with long lost skankin' pals or your equally crazy family. Yep, stage will be set up on the beach! This coming April 28 Coco Jam, Reggae Mistress, Jun Lopito, Lady I, Coffee Break Island, Turtle Cub, Kapis, Iraya, DJ De Luna, DJ Shrimpy and DJ Tomas will get your rasta groove on. So troop over to Encenada Beach Resort in Brgy. Palangan to join the merry-making, event starts at 5.

Admission is free, and drinks could be ordered from the bar. Have an irie weekend!

How to get there:

1. From Batangas Port, take ferry to Muelle. Then ride a trike to Encenada Beach Resort (about P20 each person).

2. From White Beach, trike ride to Brgy. Palangan where the resort is may cost P100 each person. Haggle, haggle, haggle.


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Thursday, 5 April 2012

Bath Time Fun: Sesame Street Fizzy Tub Colors

Sooo fun that even I was enticed to jump in.

Okay, maybe I was crazier about it than my baby doll. You see, our daughter Luna acquired her bath phobia last year in Australia where we temporarily resided for three months. Source of fear: Unknown. She always had warm baths so it can't be the frigorific water. We also surrounded the tub with toys to keep her preoccupied, however, she never touched the toys.

On a few occasions I even joined her in the tub, hoping she'd be less scared. It didn't work either. She wailed and wailed. And wailed.

She prolly prefers another color, wachu think?

I stumbled upon Sesame Street Fizzy Tub Colors in Target during the hubby's business trip in Santa Clara, California. I purchased a sachet with only 6 tablets (about $1) since I'd only be able to use it in our hotel room's tub. And well, when buying stuff for the first time, I always grab the trial size.

Sesame Street Fizzy Tub Colors. Product photo from here.

So did it give Luna a fun bath? Well, the snapshot says it all. I kinda threw in the towel after that. Except for her, I reckon any tot will like these tub colors. Colors are mainly primary, and can be mixed to produce different hues. Pretty educational for the little earthlings. Its formula is mild and contains Bitterguard, so no need to worry about the little one drinkin' that concoction.

Luna ain't scared of bath time anymore, finally, after several months of traveling. Now I just hope I find a pack of this here in the Philippines and I'll use it for our baby's batya bath.

Disclaimer: Nope, this is not a sponsored post.

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