Friday, 4 May 2012

Mariveles, Bataan: Camaya Coast

I was so close to passing out. Amidst a sea of happy campers, I was the lone, sullenly aloof mum aboard. We were approaching Camaya Coast's dock, and even the stunning beach front view that unveiled before us failed to make me smile. My head felt like splitting, and I could barely breathe. That dang fever has taken its toll.

Camaya Coast's beach.

Despite the nasty sickness, I tried not to be a drag. And kept an open mind about the "tripping". While my cousins ran straight to the beach upon docking, we (with the hubby and my mom) were ushered to the resto for free lunch. You see, interested parties are served meals before the actual "tripping". In case you dunno, a tripping is an ocular visit of possible clients to a certain property.

Free lunch!

Let me just say this, I certainly did not expect free lunch, and it seemed like the other trippers anticipated this. And man, they looked prepped to hit the beach too... Judging by the number of flotation devices and beach balls lying around. Okay I admit, I brought swimmers for our daughter as well but that's because a priest (my uncle's friend) said so. It was actually he who organized the whole shindig. And he who, uhm, joined my cousins as they ran toward the beach.

Model of Camaya's studio condo.

After lunch, we strolled a few meters inland with the sales representative, where we were fetched by Camaya's service van. First model unit we viewed was the studio unit. Upon entering, the room was filled with oohhs and aahhs. It was tastefully decorated with pieces that follow a resort living theme, with a splash of retro prints. My kind if theme, and my kind of splash.

A lone villa under construction, view from the condo's rooftop.

We viewed the two-bedroom condo next, and it was as beautiful as the studio one. I can imagine how these model units can easily entice trippers (Those who got the dough, at least.) to reserve a unit straight away. For a moment, we seriously considered purchasing a unit, but the hefty price of almost three million pesos made us think thrice. For that amount, we could buy a house with a yard somewhere else.

Two-bedroom condo model.

Also, we took into consideration the looong wait for the unit's grant. Three years? Four? Should we purchase a house, we'd like to move in as soon as possible. Plus, there's so much construction going on (Roads, establishments, etc.) envisioning the future community required a psychedelic imagination. We certainly don't want to buy a property somewhere that's "on the rise".

Two-bedroom condo's master bedroom.

The sales representative brought us to the residential lots next. A gargantuan part of the area was still being bulldozed and its roads, though not bumpy, were still unpaved. We didn't stay long for there's no model house to see. After our ocular, we headed back to the restaurant and sought refuge from the summer heat. Our relatives rejoined us the next hour. At 2:30 PM, hallelujah, we caught the next ferry leaving the coast.

Camaya Coast's hotel.

I can visualize Camaya Coast's potential, however, I can also foresee that it ain't for us. The condo units, villas, and houses are beyond our budget. And... We don't like a body of water with jellyfishies in it (As if I don't have issues with open water to begin with.). It's prolly for you, folks! If you're interested to see this resort residence, book your tripping now. Visit their website for more details They offer free lift from PICC Complex via ferry! Must be booked in advance though.

Happy tripping!

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  1. beautiful place. totoo yan, 3mil is already a price of a big lot and yard in Pasig. LOL. sayang though, mukhang maganda yung place and ng view!

  2. I also wish the units are sold furnished and designed like this! Haha. Now I just gotta make this an inspiration for our future home. LOL.

  3. I've heard of Camaya Coast though Mariveles is very far from Metro Manila but one I can say from the photos here is that their units show a very comfortable and homey feel.

  4. I hope you are feeling better now. This is something I have been dreaming or have been wanting to live out there . The place looks very stunning , kaya lang pangmayaman ang peg. Di ko afford saka na pagyumaman ako.

  5. Franc, yeah it is far by land :(

  6. Chino, hahaha! Celebrity ang peg. Mala-Hollywood lang :))

  7. Oh wow. I wish I had a place like this to live in. Camaya... I'll remember that.

  8. Love all your captures. What a lovely, peaceful place! Awesome view!

  9. the Place is inviting and so relaxing. Love the place.

  10. This is beautiful but as you would probably agree. its not for everyone in terms of the price and the location.

  11. Wow ganda sosyal!Kaya nga lang mahirap pag maraming jellyfish sa dagat wag na nga lang. Thanks for adding my blog sa list mo. Na add ko na din to. Have a great week!

  12. wow!! defntly will show this to my husband!!! really nice place to visit! xx

  13. The hippie mum is finally settling down! I agree, helluva great view, but for 3 million, you could definitely find a bigger property with a huuuge yard were Luna can run around with another tot.

    Almost missed Luna in that model condo unit photo. Her suit blended with the chair! haha.

  14. Loved the model units. Hopefully, I get to visit this place.

  15. Nice view, nice place! If I have the time, I think tripping is the next best option for photo ops, free food and travel! lol!

    So, who took the photos? (good thing, you didn't pass out!)

  16. Gemma, surprisingly, I had the strength to take photos. Blogger na blogger lang ;p

  17. Beautiful place. But for a condo in that place, I don't think it's a good idea. A vacation house with big yard is much better.

  18. Paradise! I'm curious how expensive it is though.

  19. Well, I hope you are feeling better now!

    Truly great shots, and to think you are unwell when you did them. :) Looking through them will make anyone curious enough to visit and take a look!

    I agree with your thoughts, if one does not have the budget for it, a sensible decision is at the forefront. But for those with enough ka-chings, why not! :D

  20. I love the interiors. Having a condo unit on a place that is as beautiful as Camaya Coast is one of my greatest dreams.


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