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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Cinema Leonardo: Baguio Vacation House By The Hill

So the cab driver ditched us. He probably feared that he might be held up. By who? By a motley crew of four groggy backpackers? Well, we couldn't blame him. We were parked at some empty, unpaved street, far far away Baguio City's center. At ten in the morning the fog was uber dense. Like, the eerie kind of fog.

We were spooked ourselves.

Fellow blogger Marky of Nomadic Experiences who organized the whole shindig, knocked at some random house and asked for Cinema Leonardo as the rest of us (Monette, Melo and I) angrily stepped out of the cab. One resident directed us to follow an ascending road that branches off Luna Street. After walking a few meters, to our left we saw a gated, capacious lot. There's a house in one corner and a small gazebo opposite to it on the other side. In the middle, a familiar-looking wishing well.

Familiar to me for I saw it on Cinema Leonardo's website. We waved hello to the two caretakers, one ushered us inside the house. And what a far-out abode it is! After the laying the groceries on the kitchen counter, we mindlessly roamed in and out of the spacious rooms. Then up the stairs to the home videotheque which unfortunately was non-existent during our visit. Nonetheless we enjoyed the artwork on the walls... And rolling over gargantuan pillows.

Meanwhile downstairs, after Melo took awesome snapshots (all of ze photos on this post are his), he worked the stove. We followed as soon as we caught a whiff of the aroma of sinigang broth. At the dining area, I put my feet up and joined everyone hangin' out in Facebook. If not for leeching on Melo's pocket WiFi, we would have actually felt we were "away from civilization". Cause you know, Cinema Leonardo has that feel and uhm, geographic location. And that's something this mum needs once in a while.

Later that day we were joined by travel bloggers Kaiz in the afternoon, and cool couple George and Izzy past midnight. It was a weekend of piggin' out and chugging unpopular alcohol at nine in the morn. Grooveeehhh!

Cinema Leonardo
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