Sunday, 11 November 2012

Mcdonald's Motorway Tarlac: So The Tot Turned Two

That Mcdo birthday party happened too soon, judging by the near nil population of tykes.

I reckon on the seventh year would be most ideal. When she'd have more friends. When she'd understand the rules of a certain game. And when she'd have use for the prizes and giveaways. But due to the passing of a close relative and time constraints (we just got back from a month-long backpacking trip four days earlier), we opted for something quick and easy and in Tarlac where my parents are based.

Two-day-old Mcdonald's Motorway.

Drive-thru driveway.

We booked the party just the day prior. Upon getting off a Cubao-Tarlac City bus, we caught sight of the newly opened Mcdonald's Motorway (like, that-day-opened), thanks to the drum and lyre corps hanging out in front of the building. It was brimming with customers hoping to get a free umbrella for every order of chicken meal. 

Despite the pandemonium, the assistant manager promptly accommodated us. Fifteen minutes later, I was signing the function order (the first for this branch) unhappily ticking the Disney Princesses theme. There weren't much options. 
Already, Luna and I share hats. 
Homemade cake by Aunt Flor. One of the best choco cakes I ever had.
On Luna's big day, among the thirty plus people who attended, there was only one tot who's her age. And she was clutching her mum's arm throughout the event, afraid to do just about anything with all the strangers around.

Two out of the three games were played by the adults. And that resulted to boisterous laughs that lasted even after the party.
Family portrait.

So how about the birthday girl? Well, she had the time of her life with those multihued balloons.

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  1. "Hi I'm Joe!" - funny

    you're part of motorway's history! that's just awesome.

  2. Happy birthday Luna! Mukhang ang sarap ng cake mo ah! Pahingi naman kung ay natira pa. hehe!

  3. Happy birthday my dear Luna. Enjoy life and have a safe and joyous travels :)

  4. Carla, haha! He was sooo excited to have that name written on the hat.


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